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Evaluating Product Demo Software?

1. How close is your demo to the real product experience?
2. Are you restricted to a linear flow?
3. How long does it take to record your product?
4. How easy is it to tailor the demo?

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Manar Muflahi

The best way to do a demo is by using the platform itself live, but to give the best tailored expereince is to do a consultation first with the requester and show them how you can achieve what they want using your software.

1- the closer the better, even better if you're doing a live demo.

2- whilst having a restricted flow allows you to hit every point, it doesn't the audience a tailored experience. instead you should be flexible to answering their questions on the spot but highlight the points you want to cover so you dont miss anything

3- demos should not take anything longer than 20-30mins and that's with and questions the requester asks. Keeping peoples attention for longer than that is difficult.

4- super easy from my experience, I'm well versed in our own software and i made sure to do a proper discovery call to find out exactly what they're looking for. All that's left was to address their points using our software since i already know how to do them and if i didn't, I would research and ask colleagues help before the demo.

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Asia Corbett Author

Interesting points!!!