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Asia Corbett
Asia Corbett

Posted on

I wanna be a Revops Pro when I grow up

What did you want to be when you were younger? I thought for sure I would be a lawyer or a musician. I still have a guitar hanging on my wall, and to this day I enjoy a little bit of healthy banter.

What I didn't anticipate was going into operations. I especially never envisioned myself in revenue operations. I wouldn't say my education didn't prepare me well for operations...(Or wait, is that what I'm saying? 🤪 )

When I took a turn from finance to the ops path, I had very little idea what I was in for. I figured it had something to do with making sure things run smoothly. But what actually goes into an operationally sound organization?

I'll tell ya.

  1. Process
  2. Systems/tools
  3. Reporting/Analytics
  4. Enablement/Training

There is a reason I listed process FIRST.

You will absolutely not to effectively support your GTM teams and accelerate the revenue if you don't have the business process down!

Discussion (3)

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Asia Corbett Author

@nikko What about you? Thoughts?

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Nikko Georgantonis

Haha no! Out of college I was convinced I wanted to be in sales. I wanted to be an AE all the way up until my last week as an SDR. That December I hit about 200% of my quota because I was using gong to every Opp in nurture that said "Call me back at the end of the year". Instead of me thinking I was getting promoted I was asked by the VP of Rev ops ( s/o my mentor and a good friend now James Labastida) to be the first ops hire and support the revenue teams with ops and reporting. Fast forward to now and to answer your question I think alignment throughout each org is the biggest component of an operationally sound org is everyone being aligned and bought in and obviously, rev ops are the catalyst for that!

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Asia Corbett Author

Amazing! And you have SDR experience too. It's wild how many people in sales get outta that and go into the world of ops...hehe