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Asia Corbett
Asia Corbett

Posted on

RevOps Office Hours will be open tomorrow!

Register for revops office hours here: Office Hours!

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Jared Robin

Extremely enthused for this @asia , what types of things can we expect ? What should folks do to prep or what's on/off limits?

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Asia Corbett Author

@jaredrobin We want folks to come with some challenges their having in their business around their go-to-marketing process/ops!

So for example, someone today had a question around this:

If you have an existing contact in SFDC, and that person submits a demo request (which typically comes in as a lead), how do your surface that to sales?
Do you...
Have field parity between the lead & contact so it's a similar lead management flow
Create a duplicate lead record, then merge onto the contact when it's Qualified
Not use leads -- We only use Contacts
Something else?

We will brainstorm around potential solutions and best practices.

Sky is the limit! (Within a one hour time frame of course 🤓 )