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Best free tools for your startup from Product Hunt

I've tested 756 products from Product Hunt over the last year.

Here is a curated list of the best free tools for your startup 👇

1) Bubble
The best way to build web apps without code.

Instantly turn a screenshot into a browser mockup.

Simple and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative

4) Supabase
Open source Firebase alternative

5) Magic
Plug and play authentication (10k logins free)

6) Waitlist
Super fast and easy-to-use referral software. Create your own viral loops

See what users see and what they're doing

User feedback tool for startups. Users post feedback directly to your product board.

9) Avodocs
Free legal documents for startups; attorney reviewed Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, NDAs, and other legal docs.

Remove the background from any video or gif for free.

11) MicroAcquire
Helps startups find buyers and start conversations that lead to acquisitions.

Get a cost estimation for your Youtube influencer marketing campaign for free.

13) Journey
Create customized landing pages with introduction videos, slides, pages, and any embeddable content.

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Audelia Boker • Edited on

Hey DJ, very useful thanks!
Although it's not on PH, would you care to try and lmk what you think?
It's a video-based and contextual enablement/training/knowledge-sharing platform.
Happy to give you a demo too!!

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Jesse Ouellette

I really like these too. Great stuff DJ!

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Jesse Ouellette

I like n8n and Apify a lot.

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Jared Robin • Edited on

Love this @dhungjoo - is it possible to add links in body of post? Or better yet, what format is needed.