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The power of a community is greatly understated

The power of a community is greatly understated.

In less than 24 hours of launching our first annual conference, REVCON by RevGenius, here are our metrics:

🟢 400+ confirmed registrants
🟢 20+ sponsorship requests
🟢 24 confirmed speakers and 40+ speaker requests
🟢 15+ members who've added REVCON as their LinkedIn banner
🟢 $0 marketing budget/ad spend

This would be impossible without an amazing community.

We have 🔥 ☀️ Tom Slocum leading the most engaged club, #revleague.

💭 Sebastien van Heyningen, Shana Haynie, 💌 Kate Erwin editing and managing our digital Mag.

Seth Schreiber heading up #atlanta-chapter.

Ehidiamen Ebhomielen heading up our #emea-revgeniuses.

And we can't forget some of our incredible partners:

  • Nick Bonfiglio and Syncari
  • Mark P. Jung and Dooly
  • Brendan L. Weitz and Journey
  • Bradley Tramer and
  • Peter Frank and Forem
  • Kishore Kothandaraman and Goldcast
  • Nick Bennett and Alyce

All of these wonderful people and more have allowed RevGenius to be the fastest-growing revenue community and they are going to allow us to give you the best revenue conference.

There's still time to register for REVCON. Link in the comments to join.

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