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DJ Kim
DJ Kim

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Welcome to RevGenius

RevGenius is an inclusive community for revenue generating professionals in sales, marketing, revops, and customer success.

You can check out the team here:

The mission is to help you learn through the power of a community, whether thats by networking, learning through the forum, attending events, or discovering new tools.

👇 Introduce yourself in this welcome thread and meet other members! 👇

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Manar Muflahi

Everyone's a genius in their own way, same goes for me, and like my username suggests, you'll either get words of wisdom from me or complete nonsense. Eitherway, grab a cup of tea and enjoy your conversation.

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Tom Slocum

Hey Everyone! How excited are we for RG 2.0!! What a platform.

I am Tom Slocum
Based in PHX, AZ
I have recently left my 9-5 and am going to market with a interactive training program for Founders & Startups to build, scale outbound strategy & messaging

Been in RG since July 2020! I run the RevLeague Club/Micro Community for SDR/AE's.

Excited to be here and for 2.0! Lets goooo

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Nikko Georgantonis • Edited on

Hi everyone!
Nikko Georgantonis
Located in San Diego ☀️
Currently Director of Growth and Rev Ops @ Hightouch
Passionate about Systems + Ops + Data
Excited to meet everyone!

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DJ Kim Author

Welcome Nikko!

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Tom Slocum

Welcome Nikko!

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Kate Erwin

Hey there! Kate from Mailshake here. I'm all about content marketing and copywriting and starting to embrace a growth marketing mindset. I've been a RevGenius member since the start of 2021, but just testing out this sweet forum now!

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Matt Lyman

Woot! Welcome, Kate!

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Matt Lyman

Well hello, fellow revgeniusi - do we have for the people? Rev-ites? Thanks to @asia for letting me in to the forum!

My name's Matt. A marketer out of the Seattle Area - focused on DG, Ops, Lead Gen, leadership, etc. Super happy to be onboard and looking forward to doing more with the community!

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Asia Corbett



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Manar Muflahi

That's a big introduction👏👏👏

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Hi all, excited to join the forum here and hoping you can all make it to our fortnightly Learning Series sessions! 30-mins of pure gold from the trenches.

I'm UK based and work for a specialist B2B tech ABM agency.

For anything else, I'm always open to a converstation.

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Hi RG my name is Yonathan and I'm 28 years young.

I am a professional SDR that is looking for employment in the tech sales industry. (So if you or any one you know is hiring make sure to connect with me.

Aside from my job hunt I like cooking on my free time, going jogging and going to the gym.

I'm really interested in my finances so I am also looking for ways to invest my cash (bitcoin, stocks etc).

Feel free to message me so we can chat and have some tea virtually✌

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John McTigue

Hi Everyone,

John McTigue here. I'm a customer fanatic dressed in marketing coveralls. I'm outspoken, but I try to speak with empathy. I hope to learn here and to help the community too. BTW, this is much better than Slack, so kudos to the RG team!

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Hi all professionals and future collaborators!
My name is Tom Bowden (like bow an arrow) and I work for
I am located in Arizona do BtoB sales nationwide.
I am looking to connect and network with like minded salespeople and gain insights from you, the experts.
Add me as a connection!

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Chris Russell

Hey everyone

Chris here in UK.

Currently manage a B2C Sales team in Insurance, looking to get back in to B2B, my spiritual home!

Looking forward to getting stuck in to the platform and seeing what's up!

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J.P. Mortenson

Hi. This site looks great.

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Jared Robin

Hello everyone!! I'm the Co-Founder of RevGenius and excited about the evolution of our community. 17k members today, the world tomorrow. Thank y'all for being here!

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Dale Zwizinski

Yo, Yo, Yo - Dale is in the house. Would love to connect with anyone and everyone

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Ben Eddy

Hi I'm Ben, a Brit in the French Alps.
I'm looking to exchange with people looking to help managers performance coach field based teams.

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Hey! I'm Ivana, SEO at Sales.Rocks [B2B SaaS] and I am curious about all things sales & marketing. Here to learn, share experience and collaborate. ✌️

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Stephanye Goins

I'm so happy to be here and hope to contribute wise and helpful thoughts! :)

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Kerry Watson

Hello all.
I'm Kerry Watson, interested in digital marketing.
I want to meet all the members of this community.

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Briken • Edited on

Hey Everyone! Exciting to be here! I am Briken, a Greek based in Vienna/Austria!
Working as a Sales Team Lead!
Looking to grow and learn more!

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Nabeel Keblawi

Hi everyone! I'm Nabeel Keblawi, owner of Provectus Digital, a SEO & Content agency. Am excited to be here!