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Aaron Smith
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The Marketing-Sales Battle...

Sales and Marketing alignment is a non-negotiable in your GTM strategy.

We've all heard the horror stories of situations where they're not.

RevOps to save the day!

Cross departmental alignment is a critical role RevOps needs to play in applying business strategies and objectives.

When alignment is missing, finger pointing happens.

"Why was this opportunity closed lost?"
"I'm not accepting this MQL"
"This isn't a qualified opportunity"

Avoid these traps.

Leverage RevOps.

What's your misalignment horror story?

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Justin Lang

@doublea got to love when Sales and IT are not on the same page. The horror happens anytime the portal goes down for our dealers and it puts us in a money losing situation. Sales does its best with customer service, but sometimes business goes elsewhere.

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Manar Muflahi

Working with multiple teams and having to rely on them to close the deal for the next step.

They got busy and didn't follow up, i ended up losing on about £30K...