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Greg Meyer
Greg Meyer

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Hello, is this thing 🎤 on?

Another community.

You might be asking yourself:

  • should I join?
  • what will I gain?
  • what's the point of this community stuff?

The Benefits of Community

The Internet can be a lonely place. It's really nice to find people who think about the kinds of problems you think about, to get feedback on your thoughts, and to get random support from people you don't even know (yet).

When I first heard about RevGenius, my initial response was "Yet Another Sales Community." Yet some of those other communities don't seem to have the energy, chaos, and movement that RevGenius does. I like RevGenius precisely because it's not perfect. I like RevGenius because it reminds me of earlier days on the Internet (Metafilter, anyone) where people participated because, well they wanted to.

What you get from RevGenius

Expect the following from RevGenius:

  • You will find friends you didn't know you had yet
  • You will find many people asking the same questions you have
  • You will be challenged to learn there are smart peeps out there
  • And you will find a wealth of resources to test the market and hear "what salespeople think"

What RevGenius needs from you

Community implies connection. Connection implies active participation, not just lurking. You'll get more out of RevGenius if you put more into it.


  • Consider reading or posting in a Slack channel
  • Attend a presentation or webinar
  • Ask a question

I look forward to seeing you here, and in the Slack community. Feel free to say hello! 😁

Discussion (3)

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Jared Robin

Welcome @grmeyer !

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Brad Taylor

Hey guys! First post here but how do we get active?!

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Kathleen Foley

Welcome @brad87 , thanks for being a part of the forum! As soon as you join you can start posting - the forum is a great place to ask questions, share your own helpful tips, or start a conversation with the community! The forum is also a centralized hub of everything RevGenius has to offer so you can explore the knowledge hub, meet other members, and explore tagged posts of topics that interest you!