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Founders Friday- RevOps Opportunities & Challenges

Are you a #revops leader at a SaaS company? Or the founder? Want some real insights on how to accelerate #revenue for your business?

In this inaugural Founders Friday 👉 (, listen to Frederik Andersen, RevOps Analyst, share the secret to his success in driving revenue for Pixelz Inc with @aseem , CEO of Immersa.

Diving to the surface of what hinders productivity, Founders Friday highlights what works along with a proven solution to scale success.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

-A day in the life of a revenue operations analyst
-The challenge of connecting and orchestrating data
-The secret sauce to Pixelz’s rapid growth
-Pixelz experience working with Immersa’s Early Adopter program

Watch the complete video 👉

Are you in the #revops role? We would love to have you on the next #founderfriday! 🎬

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