Jared Robin
Jared Robin

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What 16k members taught us

We have spent the last year listening to the 16k members of RevGenius.

And now we are ready to build the evolution of RG that you’ve wanted.

We are all tired of the noise and algorithms and just want to create a platform that’s community led.

A place where you can find answers to the actual questions you have.

And allow you to truly learn and be helped by other humans in your journey to improve and hit your goals.

We are building in public just as we have done all along and need you.

We are looking for 100 beta testers to test our new platform.

Link is in comments to raise your hand to join.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire revenue professionals.

Let’s do it together.


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Justin Lang

Time to master RG

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Asia Corbett

Let's go! So amped to be part of this team and this community!