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How I Beat the Most Liked Record LinkedIn Post

I've said it time and time again, you're only one vote away from the biggest and most democratic post of your life.

This post is well on it's way to 200k Views and it could not have been possible without the RevGenius Family!

In less than 2 hours, I'll be celebrating my victory for the biggest post in LinkedIn History. Over 200k VIEWS, 4k votes, 330 comments.

I didn't use engagement pods or anything the other "LinkedIn Influencers" are caught using. I just did it with copy and strategy.

The biggest post Dan has ever made was well under 150k views. I'm pretty confident on this. The data doesn't lie.

I've never been so excited for one post to change the world of SaaS forever.

I never thought SaaS Pros could take on CEOs like Dan Price that make $70k and brag about it on LinkedIn, but we made it.

Until next time.

Here's a private screenshot of my ShieldApp Analytics giving you my EXACT Playbook to 200k Posts.

I wanted to thank Jared Robin, Asia, and DJ for their countless hours cheering me on.

THANK-YOU SaaSGenius Fam!

Thank-you everyone out there.

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Plus the private screenshot from my LinkedIn Dashboard.