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Advice for building relationships in "Customer Success" ?

Does the customer success community have advice for building relationships with clients/Do any clients who work with Customer Success have any advice or feedback?

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Manar Muflahi • Edited on

Communication and monitoring are your best friends.

You want to always be communicating with your customers, and not only through marketing emails (but yes they are important especially when you share content they can benefit from.)

You want a human touch there too, a point of contact in the company that that customer will turn to for any questions they have. Put simply an account manager. They will also communicate with them on a regular basis to show them they're still there to help.

Another thing customers appreciate is helping them succeed. If you're selling a service, a software or hardware, then you want to make sure what you sold them is being used correctly and is optimised for maximum output. so make sure to have monthly or quarterly reviews with your customers and give them reports on what they're doing good and areas they can improve on and HOW, the how is important.

Hope that helps!
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Justin Lang

Over deliver then what was promised.