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What is the best model for customer service plan for a SaaS business?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan which can turn the customer service of a certain company into a perfect one with a wave of a magic wand. Each SaaS business has its own customer service organization structure which works for its specific product, but it still doesn’t mean you should stop trying to learn from others.

Creating journey maps of the customer of your product can significantly help you take your customer service to a new level. After breaking the journey of your users into stages, in the experience section, you will be able to analyze it and find out when the mood of your customer drops, and they feel annoyance, apprehension, boredom, or other negative emotions. That means the experience of your client is not at its best at that stage and customer service can be one of the reasons for that.

At UXPressia we have created a SaaS buyer journey map template. With its help, we are examining the journey of the user of the product management software on the example of persona called Emilie.

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The first customer issue happens at the stage of the trial period. We can observe Emilie being upset by a short trial period and lack of guidance. In order to improve the user experience and boost customer service at that stage, it would be reasonable to provide more articles in the Help Center, tooltips, interface hints, and so on.

The second issue that can be resolved by the improvement of the performance of the customer service team occurs at the stage of the live demo. While watching it, she catches herself on the thought that not everything is clear, and she needs more details and clarification. It will be also great if the clients could email their questions after the session to the support team.

The third incident happens at the stage of support. Emilie just wants to get some help with a regular question but gets caught up in a tangled customer support structure. At this point, customer service should specify the approximate time it will take to deal with the issue. Also, one agent should be attached to the customer from the moment the case is opened until it’s closed.

On these examples, you could observe how the customer service of a particular business could have been improved. Do you want to view the work of your customer service under a magnifying glass, disassemble it and get tons of useful insights? Then download our template, prepare your data and start your tour into journey mapping!

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