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Top 3 things to include in your sales CV?

So I've worked in recruitment for 2 years and have worked with salespeople from all sectors, from tech to finance, to health, pharma, law, public sector, education, you name it i've worked with them, and I can tell you that 90% of all sales CVs that i have seen never included the most important thing.

Now before I give you the answers from a recruiter's/hiring mangers POV, i want to ask what you guys think are the most important things to include in your CV as a salesperson.

What would a recruiter or a hiring manager want to see on that CV?

I will answer the top 3 things from a recruiters POV in the next post!

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Justin Lang
  1. Strong verbs explaining your past responsibilities.
  2. Variables of where you started to where you ended. Grew the territory from $1 M to $2 M
  3. Your name and contact info.
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Manar Muflahi Author

If I gave out grades I'd give you an A***