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Sometimes I spew words of wisdom, other times it's absolute nonsense. Either way, grab your cup of tea and enjoy your stay, I'm sure you'll have fun.

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How to Build a Sales Playbook? (With Templates and Examples)

Sales Resources Hub Defined Buyer Personas Training Schedules...

Video Prospecting Insights Take em or leave em

Show them don't tell them! 100%%%%%

Evaluating Product Demo Software?

The best way to do a demo is by using the platform itself liv...

Do you ask your leads/prospects questions before you start selling?

yup!!! i just wish more companies trained their salespeople m...

Any tips in closing deals?

How do you identify that?

How to Make the Leap From Sales Rep to Manager? 🤔

I say set goals, take a sales manager job spec from online an...

How do you react to Mondays?

Depends on how late I went to bed the night before 😂

Top 3 things to include in your sales CV?

If I gave out grades I'd give you an A***

Hot take: Sales vs Marketing

Hmmmmm I wouldn't think so, but I would say they need to use ...

What is one thing you know now that you wished you knew when starting in sales?

sounds like your younger self has suffered with a lot of time...

Any tips in closing deals?

as they say, you have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason!

What’s your fave way to curb burn out?

A do nothing weekend!

The Marketing-Sales Battle...

Working with multiple teams and having to rely on them to clo...

What are some things that sales has taught you that no other job has? I'll start.

100% Not gonna lie though, getting so many no's every day is ...

What are some things that sales has taught you that no other job has? I'll start.

Feedback is very important, for both good and bad pitches!

Advice for building relationships in "Customer Success" ?

Communication and monitoring are your best friends. You want...

Welcome to RevGenius

That's a big introduction👏👏👏

Welcome to RevGenius

Everyone's a genius in their own way, same goes for me, and l...