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Do you ask your leads/prospects questions before you start selling?

Hi all! I'm back again and I got another question for you because this has been bothering me whenever I would see Salespeople do this.

Too many Salespeople don't ask any questions before they start selling, it's always "yeah we do this and that, our product is amazing blah blah blah" it's like you're trying to fail...

If a product could sell itself then you wouldn't need to be there selling it, a Salesperson's role is to convince people to buy, but how can you do the convincing if you don't know what problems they're facing?

So, here are 3 questions I always asked prospects to understand better so I can convince them I have the solutions they're looking for.

1- What is the biggest issue you’re facing right now with (“problem your service/tool solves”)?
2- What solutions have you explored what process do you have at the moment to solve the problem/?
3- What do expect to gain from solving this problem?

What kind of questions do you like to ask?

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Tom Slocum

This is fire @drunkcupoftea !
Whats your biggest pain in your day to day right now?
What is your buying process like?
How do you see yourself using this?

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Manar Muflahi Author

yup!!! i just wish more companies trained their salespeople more instead of just winging it... no wonder a lot of salesreps don't meet their quota!