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What are some things that sales has taught you that no other job has? I'll start.

One thing that Sales has taught me that no other job has is that my time is precious and not to waste it. Which in return taught me how to prioritise my time, get the most of my time, and know when someone or something is wasting my time, and to cut that ASAP.

Recognising dead-ends

  • Not the decision-maker
  • Taking time to respond
  • Not engaging
  • Brushing you off
  • Being indecisive

It's a dead-end Chad...
Harsh as it may be if I'm talking to someone trying to sell and I get a feeling they're not really into it then I will instantly move on to the next. I don't need to try and convince you to buy from me when you're not even listening, there are a million others who will listen to me.


  • Which tasks are important and which can wait
  • When is the deadline for these tasks, can I push back some dates
  • How difficult are the tasks I have to do
  • How long will each task take and can I reprioritise them

Save the turtles people...

A lot of people will do tasks as they come along which will eat away at their time and that will stop them from doing what's really important right there and then. Instead whenever what I do is simple.

Fridays I will plan my tasks for next week and break them down by day so I know what I'm doing and not run around like a headless chicken

When new tasks come in, I will always ask:

  • Is this urgent?
  • When does this need to be done
  • Can someone else do it?
  • Do I have time to do it or do I have other important things to attend to?
  • This, in return, will tell you exactly how to handle your workload.

Should I be spending time on this?

Going back to the other points, you now have a few things to do, but some tasks will give you higher results than others, so I will always ask myself if this task is worth it or not. I ask:

  • Is this task the most important on my to-do list?
  • Will this deal make me more than the others?
  • How difficult is this going to be and if I do 2 simpler tasks, will they give me the same results?
  • Can I delegate or swap tasks with someone? You never know, someone might be happy to take a lead off your hands for one of theirs.
  • Is this worth my time or can I focus on something better?


So there it is, this is what Sale has taught me that no other role did. What did Sales teach you?


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DJ Kim

Amazing first post! Sales has taught me to constantly iterating. I'm not a traditional sales person but most of my sales experience has been fundraising investments for startups. Learned to take feedback from one pitch and incorporate it into the next

manarmuflahi profile image
Manar Muflahi Author

Feedback is very important, for both good and bad pitches!

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Asia Corbett

I love the gifs!

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Justin Lang

Sales has taught me to be resilient over everything else. There is a lot you can conquer and overcome.

manarmuflahi profile image
Manar Muflahi Author

100% Not gonna lie though, getting so many no's every day is disheartening...

jlang profile image
Justin Lang

@drunkcupoftea it can be yes. It still hurts. But that is why I always tell me myself it is not you. Nothing is personal. Seperating the emotions is key.