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Nick Bennett

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Marketers on sales calls?

I LOVE being on sales calls sometimes more than doing my regular day-to-day tasks.

I mean, it depends on the industry you are in for sure, but being in MarTech and selling to marketers, those are my people.

Do you all get fired up over them?

I try to join as many as I can every week whenever I think I can add value to the other marketing team on the other side.

I've worked for other companies where it's been forbidden for marketing to join calls. So bizarre to me. 🤷‍♂️

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Jared Robin

For true alignment to happen everyone needs to have a clear idea of goals and understand the customers and prospects. Why keep a group (marketing) in the dark who's job it is to drive folks in? Why wouldn't we want to allow them to fully understand challenges, and other things related to them doing their job?

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Justin Lang • Edited on

Even bringing teammates from IT or Account Mgmt gives you input ob best practices where they can add value to their day to day operations.