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Key Elements and Importance of Paid Search Audits

Why paid search PPC audits on Google ads are so important to your company and why you should be performing them.

5 Elements explained:
✅ Wastage
✅ Technical Errors
✅ Missed Opportunities
✅ Attribution
✅ Landing Pages or Websites

Check out our explainer video from my partner Jack Porter-Smith:

We are looking to perform more audits in 2021 to help your companies succeed, and ad campaigns perform at their peak.

WSI Top 1% of Google Premier Partners.

Interested in learning more?

Want our "10 Blocks To Advertising Greatness" e-Book or a Audit of your ads account. Let me know.

For all my RevGenius colleagues we will not charge for this audit.

There will be absolutely no:

  1. Sales requests or pressure
  2. Obligation to engage us in any next-steps
  3. Fee for the audit meeting

I'm truly sharing our knowledge of years of paid search campaigns and millions of dollars invested in Google to help companies succeed.

Question for the forum do you perform Audits on your Ads account on a regular basis? Are they done by in-house, existing agency or third party?

You can contact me directly or comment.

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