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CRM Change Management

Hi everyone! I'm curious to know how you all handle the changes and updates made to your CRM. Aside from communicating with the team directly impacted with the changes, how do you communicate it to the rest of the organization? Do you post it on a specific channel on Slack / Teams? A periodic e-mail with a list of the latest changes? What do you do?

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Dan Quirk

Hey @pedroeiras - I'm certainly not an expert at this, but I recently asked a couple of experts about this very topic of RevOps Change Management. Links below hope you find it is helpful.

I've heard of RevOps leaders doing some combination of the following:
-Weekly email summary of what's been done
-Slack message to affected people
-In-App Updates in CRM
-Quick standup meeting walking through the changes
-Short Vidyard talking about the changes that were made
-Making project/change list public - Doug Houvener at WebPT publishes his ClickUp priority list on a Google site for all to see.

Change management discussion @ 32:32 mark of this conversation with Darrell Alfonso from AWS

Change management discussion @ 30:15 mark of this conversation with @asia