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Asia Corbett for RevGenius San Jose Chapter

Posted on

Welcome ! Introduce yourselves below

I'm Asia - Head of Revenue and Community Operations for Revgenius. Living in the SF Bay Area.

I have two dogs, a 14 month old son, and a tiny house in the East Bay. Excited for some of our meetup opportunities and chatting all things revenue and especially all things OPS.


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claytonpritchard profile image
Clayton Pritchard

Hey Asia!

I'm Clayton, Head of Marketing at Prelay and the San Jose Chapter Head of RevGenius.

I'm originally from Florida, but I've been living in the Bay Area for 7 years. I'm now in San Jose, but I've lived in San Francisco, San Bruno, and Palo Alto as I slowly made my way to the South Bay. Outside of work, I'm a bobaholic and share food reviews and recommendations on my Instagram (@thebobanerd).

Looking forward to meeting the RevGenius SJ crew in person soon!