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Leads or Demand: ALL THE FUNNELS!

Let's talk #marketingfunnels

If you are a marketer, you live by your #funnels. It tells you what you need to aim for, the metrics you are targeting, and provides extremely useful leading indicators to help you identify what more you can do.

But you may have 2 different funnels:

  1. Lead Generation funnel
  2. Demand Generation funnel

The #leadgeneration funnel is just that -> it's the way your leads are worked, who gets them, what your Lead->MQL->Qualified oppty flow looks like. It may include conversion metrics at each step, you probably look at sourcing and turn different knobs to drive results. This is very much the way of many B2B enterprise companies.

The #demandgeneration funnel can be more difficult to track, as it takes that funnel and opens up the top with more of a look at brand awareness, messaging execution, and story telling. Some of it can be downright impossible to see. You are not hoping for conversions into leads, but instead requests into "contact us" or "demo requests". You want to generate DEMAND and therefore shrink the sales cycle.

We all use a mixture of these, either one, the other, or both. What do you like to use and how do you find it works for you and your team?

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Asia Corbett

Love this!