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B2B Sales Segmentation Is Everything in 2022

If you knew the exact title, vertical, and company headcount of the prospects who would take an appointment right away, would you start calling them immediately? Of course, you would! If you knew exactly when they were most likely to answer the phone or open an email, would you time your next outreach accordingly? Absolutely!

Better yet, if you could see the exact prospects who opened your emails that matched the prospects you are booking meetings with, would you send them a video email? And what if in six months the majority of your outreach was going to prospects who you knew had a high potential of interest in your offering? Would you look at your whole top of the funnel like a mathematical problem that is solved with more data? Yes, you would.

So how does segmentation allow you to do just that? Let’s explore.

What Is Segmentation?

Sales segmentation is the practice of dividing your target market into groups based on similar preferences. And there are numerous ways to do this. At CIENCE, our teams specialize in compiling and aligning highly accurate data based on the ideal customer profile (ICP) and buying groups that are most interested in talking with your company about the services you provide.

How Does Segmentation Work?

Segmentation starts with researching your ICP for the contacts in your total addressable market (TAM). Outbound messaging is then sent out in the form of emails, video, text, etc., to your targeted prospects. Once this messaging is received, you can track that engagement.

These contacts are then segmented into an outbound sequence specifically for the initially engaged prospects. The segmentation continues as you rack up further verified touches from your segmented outbound strategy. But wait, there is more.

Establishing the buyer persona

Once you have a segmented audience, you now get a closer look at that title, vertical and company headcount to find the correlation between the engagement. This gives you the buyer persona (BP)—the grouping of prospects who have engaged enough to then justify a subset of contacts with similar characteristics.

Your research team can then create a list with this persona and deliver an outbound cadence to the prospects. You can take the engagements by the prospects in the outbound messaging to a more narrowed segment where you can start using personalization and very specific videos, for example.

Buyer personas in B2B sales segmentation

Refining the segmentation process

One of the challenging aspects of B2B segmentation is finding the buyer similarities along with the justification for the engagement. Luckily at CIENCE, we create and actively refine our proprietary intelligent database to see these connections. We can then take all of your outreach and define the smallest of engagement to create these segmentations.

For the record, anyone can "call the opens" and keep the deal log on their CRM full, along with next tasks—this is all opinionated data. Sure, you can see the person who opened your email multiple times, but how does that correlate to the rest of your outreach?

The big celebration is when you book the appointment. Although, keep in mind that booking numerous appointments each month won't produce further data unless it is tracked by why the prospect took the meeting, what time of day was the meeting booked, and other specific details about your prospect.

Keeping track of this information will better show you if there is a new persona forming, or if the meetings booked match the persona of the prospects engaging.

Transform B2B Sales with Segmentation

Segmentation allows you to accurately target your potential customer and improve key aspects of your business: By having a more precise understanding of the buyer persona, you can better communicate with each market segment to increase customer engagement and reach a larger audience.

By using market segmentation techniques in your business, you can tailor your campaigns to achieve more effective results and make those connections that would otherwise be sadly missed in your pursuit of the perfect prospect.

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