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Video Prospecting Insights Take em or leave em

Take em or leave em

1️⃣ Less than 60 seconds – (30-45 second sweet spot)

2️⃣ Screen share over face recording- Show them don’t tell them. I will use their personal/company LinkedIn for content/personalization to open.

3️⃣ Show them their problem. Why are you reaching out to them. This is huge- you are showing and making it about them. Not just talking @ them. I tend to show them a live test revealing their problem, and my solution that can solve it.

4️⃣ One liner when sending- “Would you be opposed to watching this (How many seconds) video and hearing what I have to say?

Extra Nugget: Vidyard was my primary video extension for last 2 years. Huge fan, and recommend for beginners. Recently ventured to try Drift as well. They leverage a chat bot while they watch video + Free analytics

Hope this helps for anyone still struggling to find their groove.

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Manar Muflahi

Show them don't tell them! 100%%%%%